Hyppe Ultra Hits Disposable Vape – 600 Puffs

HYPPE Ultra hits are a great way to try out a variety of flavors without having to carry around a large vaping device. They’re portable and slim, easy to fit into a front jeans pocket, and don’t weigh much.

These devices are pre-filled with 5% (50mg) strength nicotine salt e-juice and come in a variety of flavors. They have an incredible throat hit and a high-performing battery.

Throat Hit

The throat hit effect is a key part of the vaping experience. It’s a feeling of mild irritation that smokers are used to, and it’s something that new vapers might miss when they first make the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

There are a number of things that affect this feeling, and most of them are related to the nicotine in your vape juice. The strength of the e-liquid is the most important factor, but flavours can also be a contributor.

Generally, high PG juices will give a strong throat hit because they produce more vapor. Those with a PG allergy should stick to low PG liquids, or find a high VG liquid that doesn’t have any PG in it. Alternatively, you can use a lower nicotine level juice or try a device that produces smaller clouds of vapor.

Battery Life

The 650 mAh battery that powers hyppe ultra hits does a good job of holding its charge. It’s not as long as some of the other disposables I’ve tested, but it should last enough to keep you vaping for the day. The battery can be charged using the Type-C connection located on the bottom of the device. It takes about an hour to fully recharge and once it’s done, you’ll have a few hours of vaping left before the juice needs to be refilled again.

Hyppe ultra hits are a great disposable to use if you want a cigarette-style throat hit without the nicotine burn. They’re also quite portable and thin. They’re not as big or heavy as some of the other disposables I’ve tried, so they don’t take up too much space in your front jeans pocket when you’re on the go. They have an excellent flavor and are smooth to use. I highly recommend them.


The hyppe ultra hits are the best disposable e-cigarettes on the market. They come pre-filled with 2mL of 50mg nic salt vape juice, which is a highly concentrated form of salt-based nicotine that absorbs into the bloodstream faster than free base e-liquid. This fast rate of absorption gives the user a rush that’s much more like smoking a cigarette. These e-liquids are also outstandingly smooth, flavorful and provide supremely satisfying throat hits. These pens are available in many flavors including: orange soda, mighty mint, strawberry banana, cola ice, peach ice and lemon soda. You can buy them online at an affordable price. You can also protect your purchase with Flawless Insurance Powered by Route. It’s the smartest way to protect your e-cigarette and your bank account!