Why You Should Call a Plumbing Service Group Tigard OR

Why You Should Call a Plumbing Service Group Tigard OR

Plumbing contractors are trained to work with water, sewage and natural gas pipes throughout a plumbing service group Tigard OR. They can also assist with remodeling and installing kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances and faucets.

The pipes in your home start to degrade with the millions of gallons of water that flow through them over their lifetime. They may begin to develop clogs, leaks and other problems.


If the pipes in your home are old, you may need a professional to repipe the entire house. Pipes can start to degrade over time and can leach materials into the water that can be a health risk for you and your family. Repiping your home can get rid of these materials and bring the water pressure back up to normal.

If you notice that your home’s water is a rusty brown color or has a strange smell, it could be due to your pipes being corroded. Getting them repiped can solve these problems and also increase your home’s value.

Plumbers can use different types of pipes when repiping a house, including copper and “PEX” tubing that is resistant to freezing temperatures. They can also replace a sewer line if the current one is damaged. These pipes are what takes your waste away from the house to the sewer system. They can be made of clay or concrete or plastic.

Sewer Line Inspections

The pipes that take your wastewater and garbage to the sewer system can suffer from many kinds of problems. These include bellied pipes where the water collects in pools, improper narrowing from a larger pipe to a smaller one, punctured lines and more. They also wear down over time with the millions of gallons that flow through them.

Getting a video inspection from a plumber will help you determine the condition of the line, as well as determine responsibility for any future repairs. The inspector can show you whether the problem falls within your property’s lines or the civic jurisdiction. This can help you avoid a costly surprise and negotiate costs with the seller.

A sewer line home inspection should be on your house purchase checklist. It will identify clogs, leaks, corrosion and tree root intrusion. It will also show you how extensive the damage might be and give you a chance to negotiate with the seller.

Leak Detection

Leaky pipes are one of the most common residential plumbing problems. The water that leaks from them can ruin floor coverings, furniture and other valuables. Leaks can also result in higher than normal water bills because gallons of water are being wasted without the homeowner realizing it.

With expert plumbing repair services, you can keep your home safe and water-efficient. We can fix all types of leaks, from small leaking drains to ruptured city water lines. We’ll get the problem under control and restore your plumbing as quickly as possible.

3 Mountains Plumbing uses innovative leak detection technology to pinpoint the location of leaks in your plumbing system, saving you money. Unlike other methods, this process is minimally invasive and saves you the cost of excavation costs. Leak detection services can also prevent your leaky pipes from causing costly damage to your home.

Drain Cleaning

Pipes that are leaking can cause serious problems, like high water bills and damage to your home’s structure. Licensed plumbers are trained to both fix leaks and identify the root cause so they can prevent future problems from occurring.

If your drains are slow to drain or you see water backup in your home, these could be signs of a clogged or damaged sewer line. A plumbing professional can use a video inspection camera to diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action.

The most effective way to clear a drain line is by using hydro jetting technology. This powerful system uses pressurized water to break apart drain build-up, roots, and clogs safely and without damaging your pipes. It can also clean away biological waste, grease, and sludge so your drains work more efficiently.