Towing Services in Orlando FL

Whether you need towing services for an accident or you simply need someone to pick you up from the side of the road, it’s important to choose a good company to help you out. The key is finding a reliable company that will not try to scam you out of your money. It’s not always easy to know who to trust when it comes to towing, so be sure to read up on the different options available to you before you make your decision.


There are a number of reasons why you might need towing services in Orlando. This includes cars that break down or vans that are stuck in swamps. Whether you need a wrecker or a tow truck, finding a reputable company is important.

A tow truck or roadside assistance service may be offered by your insurance provider. If your insurance policy includes this type of coverage, you will likely pay a lower fee.

Towing services are not cheap. Depending on the company and the vehicle you own, you could pay as little as $50 or as much as $250 for a tow. While the cost is usually relatively low, you should be aware of the hidden fees that can add up quickly.

Nonconsensual tows

Nonconsensual towing services in Orlando FL can be frustrating. When a car is towed, the owner of the vehicle is unable to retrieve their car or retrieve documents related to their car. A towing company may refuse to refund money or pay for damages.

The cost of nonconsensual towing can be significant. Some companies charge hundreds of dollars. Towing companies also incur substantial insurance costs.

If a person wants to take legal action against a towing company, they should demand payment from the property owner first. They should also prove they have a viable alternative. Many courts offer free mediation and litigation.

In Virginia, the attorney general filed a suit against a towing company. John O’Neill, owner of Advanced Towing, disputes the allegations and says the company tows legally. However, the state has accused the company of illegally towing Amazon delivery vans.

Trespass tows

If you have a vehicle parked illegally on private property, you can contact a towing service to tow the vehicle for you. This process is commonly known as a trespass tow. It’s legal under Florida law.

Trespass towing services in Orlando FL are regulated by the Orange County Code of Ordinances. There are specific rules for a trespass tow, as well as some specific towing fees.

The standard fee for a base tow is $121.00. In addition to the basic rate, tow companies can charge storage and administrative fees. These charges will accrue each day the car remains at the facility. Generally, storage costs are $15 per day, but tow trucks are permitted to charge up to $25 for a single day.

Long-distance towing

There are many long distance towing services in Orlando, Florida. Some of the companies are newbies while others have been around for years. Those with an eye for quality should take heed. One such company is Orlando Towing and Recovery. They are not cheap but they do the job right and on time. You can learn more about them by browsing their site or calling them up. They have tow trucks all over the state of Florida. Their customer service is top notch and their vehicles are insured. So why not try them out today? If you are a Orlando resident in need of towing or roadside assistance, give them a ring. You’ll be glad you did. The company has a well appointed fleet of tow vehicles, including the likes of the aforementioned.

Paying spotters

If you’re a vehicle owner who has had a car towed, you may have questions about how to go about getting it back. The good news is that you can often recover your vehicle at no cost, or at a minimal cost.

You’ll first need to contact a towing company. The company will need to be licensed by the state. It also must have an in-cab computer that will allow you to directly communicate with the team. They must be able to unlock the car and release the parking brake.

You should also know that Orlando has its own set of laws regarding towing. These are governed by the Orange County Code.

A spotter is a person who watches a parking lot and helps to determine if there is any illegal parking. In some cases, the spotter is paid for this service.